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Updated: Sept 18, 2016.

Silver Jubilee for loyal Paddy.

Killiney Golf Club members and friends within the golf industry held a special celebration night to honour their professional, Paddy O'Boyle, who celebrates 25 years with the club this year.

The popular, unassuming Killiney professional was joined by his family - wife Rosemary, daughter Caroline, and sons John and Niall - for the occasion.

He was touched by the tribute from the members, but they in turn are grateful for the service Paddy has rendered the club since 1975. Paddy has been one of the most respected and accomplished instructors in the game, and derives more satisfaction from teaching pupils rather than playing himself.

Originally a keen gaelic footballer and boxer, Paddy later turned to golf and was a member of Sutton where Joe Carr was the inspiration to many a young player.

"Joe was my idol and it was a great pleasure to caddy for him on occasions. Later on I was fortunate enough to play with him many times,"  he recalls.

Despite his strong competitive instincts as a junior, Paddy chose to carve out a career as a club pro.   He served his time with Kevin O'Connor at Elm Park in the early 1960's, moving to Donabate and Longford before taking the plum job at Killiney 25 years ago.

Early influences on his approach to teaching were the late Sir Henry Cotton and John Jacobs. "I benefited greatly from the sessions I had with these legends.   Cotton emphasised the importance of having your hands talking to your body, whilst Jacobs presented the bigger picture by marrying the hands and body together," he said.

Paddy observes that one of the most common faults amongst club golfers is their angle of attack. He employs a teaching aid which forces pupils to drop the club on the inside on the downswing.

"There are three movements in the golf swing," he observes. "The turn-away from the ball, dropping the club to the inside on the downswing, and turning through the ball on the follow-through."

"The average club golfer achieves two of these movements, but their angle of attack is wrong as they tend to turn away and then turn back into the ball without dropping the club on the inside," he says.

"I thoroughly enjoy my work as a club professional, especially the teaching aspect, and it has given me great pleasure to watch several of my assistants moving on to better things, including Dara O'Neill, Paul Heeney, Peter O'Brien and Keith Mongan."

Paddy O'Boyle, 1972.

Paddy O'Boyle demonstrates the modern bunker shot. Circa 1980.

Paddy O'Boyle with Eamon Fahy (Captain 1992) at the Captains' Drive-In. 1992.

Paddy O'Boyle - "Killiney is one of the better golfing challenges".

John Morgan (President) reads a tribute to Paddy O'Boyle at his retirement party. 2007.