2019 Winter League for the W.D. Ryan Memorial Trophy 

The 2019 Winter League, sponsored by Energia, will commence again shortly and will be run over 8 weekends beginning on the weekend of Saturday/Sunday December 29th/30th and ending on the weekend of Saturday/Sunday February 16th/17th. The format will be 18 holes Stableford with the best 5 scores aggregated to determine the winning scores. For 2019 there will also be a 9 hole Winter League. This can only be played on Sundays and there must be a total of twelve 9 hole competitors for the 9 Hole Winter League to be an official competition. Competitors may NOT compete in both 9 hole and 18 hole Winter League competitions. 

There will be 3 Classes: Class 1: 0 to 12, Class 2: 13 to 17, Class 3: 18 to 28. (These will be subject to review if there are insufficent entries in any one class.)

A timesheet will be used for Saturdays in the usual fashion, and for those playing on Sundays all you need to do is place your name on the regular Sunday timesheet. The person marking your card on a Sunday does not have to be playing in the Winter League.

Depending on conditions, the course may be varied from day to day and may or may not result in qualifying competitions for handicap purposes. 

If for any reason a Weekend Competition is cancelled, the following adjustments will apply if less than 8 rounds of the Winter League competition are played:

7/6 Competitions: 4 best scores to count.

5 Competitions: 3 best scores to count.

4/3 Competitions: 2 best scores to count.

Prizes: A maximum of TWO prizes may be won by any one player in the Winter League in order as listed below: (Players who finish in first,second or third place may not win a class prize, but can win a daily round prize)

At the conclusion of the Winter League the overall winner will receive the W.D.Ryan Memorial Cup and a winning prize.

Prizes will be awarded for overall second and third place.

Weekend Prizes: Winner and Second place.

The winner, runner-up and third place in each Class will be awarded a prize.

In the event of a tie for a prize, the winner will be the person with the lowest individual round score.

Entry Fee per day shall be €6 through the smart card in the usual way.

The timesheets for Saturdays will be released on the club website at 20.00 pm on the Thursday 10 days before the competition. The timesheet for Round One will be released on the club website on Thursday December 20th at 20.00. A weekly Leaderboard will be posted to the Killiney GC Website.

We wish to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of this event for many years by Energia, represented in Killiney by Gary Ryan, and thank them for their generosity.