Date posted: 11th June 2020

Dear Members, 

We are delighted to have recently upgraded to the new ClubNet Platform by Golfgraffix, who are helping bring through a digital era within the club.

I would like to inform you that our new golf platform has gone live and fully downloadable on either IOS or Android.


The new Killiney Golf Club ClubNet App.


 First and foremost, I would ask that you all download the application. I would advise that you update your phone to its latest version in your settings.

To easily get your new Killiney Golf Club App on your smartphone and connect, just follow these simple steps.

  1. If you have an iPhone go to App Store and download ClubNet.
  2. If you have an Android go to Google Play store and download ClubNet.
  3. Please accept all location services and push notifications.
  4. You will see a selection of golf clubs, select Killiney.
  5. If you are an Existing Member, we have already set up an account for you.
  6. In the email box, enter your email address (the same one the club has for you).
  7. In password, enter Golf2018.

If you cannot access the Killiney Golf Club Section using your email and the Golf2018 password please contact the office so they can check that your set up is correct.

ClubNet Features

Tee Time Booking – You can access the BRS Tee Sheet from within the Tee Times Tab. Here you be asked to input your BRS Username and password to access the Tee Sheet.

Score Entry – You can input your scores on the Digital Scorecard via the Score Entry tab. You will need to be logged in a member in order to do so. You should use a physical card while playing and once finished, you can transfer your scores over to the Digital Card in Score Entry (ONLY AFTER YOUR ROUND IS FINISHED). You will need to fill out all the required fields.

Members – From the Members Tab, you can fully access MasterScoreBoard. Here you can look at Results, Fixtures, Results, List of KO’s & List of OOM’s. On opening you will be prompted to set your password.  The default password is 'killiney' all lower case. You can then reset your password and/or can duplicate your previous password.

The Member Profile is also accessible here. In this field, you are able to change any information the club has for you which will automatically update on the ClubNet BackOffice for Killiney Golf Club. You can also change your password using the + Tab. If you need to change your email, you need to contact the club as the club can only change it.

Pro – You can find out all the information on each of our Pro. Here you can book a lesson on a particular part of your game.

News - Any news items from the club will be posted here. From AGM/Functions/Course Updates, it is way for you as a Member to find information from the Club.

Golf 3D Guide – There is a full GPS system built into the Platform. It is will give you coordinates of each hole, from the back, centre and front of the green when standing on the course. (You must turn on your location services to use this feature). Make sure to hit the refresh button as it doesn’t automatically refresh so it doesn’t drain your battery. You can also view a 3D flyby as well if you have visitors playing with you.

Live Scoring – You can follow any club inter-pro matches from this Tab. Once someone is updating the match, anyone who has the app can follow the match.

Trial Operation - In order to familiarise you with the Score Entry function on the App, The Club will run a "Dummy" Ladies competition on Thursday 25th June and a "Dummy" Mens Competition on Saturday 27th June for those players who are on the timesheet on those days. Further instructions will be posted closer to the time.

I would also advise to have your notifications turned on in your App Settings as it is an instant way for the club to communicate with you.


The "Welcome Screen". 


The Log In screen


Allow ClubNet to access your location.


For Example, the Club may send you a message that comes from the App notifying you on all club details ranging from results, fixtures or opening slots on the time sheet.

It is an instant way for them to communicate effectively to you as a Member.

All the other features are self-explanatory. I hope ClubNet makes it easier to access and enjoy your golf from both on and off the course.