Date posted: 28 November 2019, 11:23am

“ Course Closed due to heavy rain. No Buggies allowed until further notice"

Unfortunately this message has appeared all too often recently on our website.

Below is some text copied from the Met Eireann website today

Forecast issued at: Wednesday 27th November 2019 15:00


There was contrasting rainfall totals across the country over the past week. The southeastern half of the country was very wet with some southern and eastern counties recording over twice to four times the average rainfall. In contrast, the northwest of the country had only around half the norm, with parts of the midlands receiving the norm for this time of the year. The low pressure that has dominated our weather for the past few days is moving away eastwards but there will continue to be some light falls of rain and drizzle until the weekend when high pressure will build over the country bringing a marked reduction in precipitation. Rainfall totals across the country will be well below average for much of the rest of the week; however, the south may see some rainfall over the weekend.


Mean air temperatures over the last seven days have been close to average for the time of year; However the coming week will see a fall in average temperatures of about -1 to -3 degrees. Average soil temperatures for the past seven days have slightly above average everywhere with the exception of some parts of the west. Temperatures will be near to the norm for the start of this week but dropping back -2 or -3 degrees below average by the end of the week. Night time temperatures will be sub-zero in many areas from Friday night onwards with the return to frosty nights.


The past week has been rather dull overall with very little sunshine recorded. The far west and southwest of the country fared best, but values were still below normal with close to 60% and 80% of average sunshine recorded in these areas respectively. Later in the weekend and the early days of next week will be brighter than recent days and so the coming week should see sunshine values closer to average overall.

Drying Conditions

Although the amount of rainfall expected for the coming week will be less than normal opportunities for drying will be limited due to light wind, short days and low temperatures


Currently the course is unplayable due to the unprecedented levels of rain that have fallen over the last week. Our 4th fairway is too wet to allow even walking on it. As the weather is improving from a rainfall perspective we are hoping for some drying and can then open the course. Again the Met Eireann forecast is not positive that there will be good drying conditions in the coming days.

I thank you for your patience. I assure you the course will be opened as soon as possible.

Paddy May
Course Convenor