Date posted: 13 June 2017, 6:50pm

The Management Committee has approved a new dress code which is simplified and more in keeping with the times we live in.


Gentlemen Members and their Guests must wear a jacket while in the dining room after 6pm at the following functions:

  • Men’s Captain’s Dinner
  • Captain’s Drive In
  • Past Captains and Presidents Dinner
  • Radisson Week Gala Dinner
  • Invitation Week Gala Dinner
  • Any other social event that requires a Jacket can be advised in advance.

In the Club House & Members' Bar

Smart Casual attire is now permissible. This includes smart denim jeans, casual shirts.

Collarless T – Shirts and Caps are not permissible anywhere in the Clubhouse.

Modern type Runners (i.e., Nike, Adidas etc) may be worn in the Clubhouse and Bar.

Sunday Lunch

This is viewed as a family day and the dress code is smart casual for all Members and their Guests.

On the Course

Existing dress code still applies. No denims, combat style shorts, collarless T–Shirts, rugby shirts etc.

It is the wish of the Management Committee that all Members and their Guests abide by the above dress code.

Management Committee
June 2017