Date posted: 20 January 2018

New Local Rule

Any ball driven from the 9th/18th tee box’s (including a provisional or after a lost ball) and landing greenside of the red and white stakes (including the green/bunker area) must be lifted and dropped in the designated dropping zone under penalty of two shots.

The Putting green and the Driving nets are now Out of Bounds as marked by the white stakes’

Dear Members

The new tee structures for the 9th/18th tee unfortunately has made it possible for some golfers to drive the green area on these holes. Although this is not a common occurrence we feel that it is necessary to stop this action and are introducing the above local rule. This is an experiment and look forward to all opinions both positive and critical.

As an explanation if you refer to the image:

The stakes are depicted by the red marks, the blue line is the imaginary line between them and the yellow hash area is where the penalty applies.

From the tee anything that goes right of the tallest evergreen tree will be penalised.

This rule affects all shots taken from the teeing ground only and includes a provisional or lost ball.

The dropping zone may vary from where shown on map

Paddy May
Course Convenor