Course Open

Nigel Duke & Pat Walsh v Paddy Dempsey & Simon Fitzgerald

Ken McCullagh & Paddy May v Maurice Buckley & John Nolan

Enda Allen & Matt Campbell v Patrick Allen & Brian Kirwan

Sean Hayes & Patrick O'Brien v David Allen & Paul Kirwan

Brendan Conway & John Waldron v Arthur Doran & Brendan Seaver

Paul Donaldson & John Keane v Conor Sherin & Larry Sherin

Michael Boyce & Paul Phelan v Kevin Madden & Michael Soden

Mark Hoey & Barra O'Briain v Roy Fitzell & Marcello Pietrocola

18 Holes Fourball Matchplay

First round to be played by June 30th.

Play from back markers.

Play off handicap as of day of match.

Handicap allowance: 9/10. Lowest player goes to scratch, others take 9/10 of the difference.

Reserves: Ronan MacGiollaPhadraig & Aengus Cummins.