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Date posted: 31st July 2017

Competition: Plummers
Date: 31st July 2017

    Name H/C Pts 
Class 1 1st   Karl Unger  18  17
  2nd   John Nolan  19  17 (count back)
Class 2 1st   Kevin Madden  27  21-1=20
  2nd   Declan Smyth  27  18

Class 1: 17.5 - 22.4. Class 2: 22.5 - 28 

Kevin Madden screamed home this evening with a great score of 21 points but after coming second last week ended with 20 points, still running away with it. Well done Kevin. We may have to get you tested.

Richard McCullogh won the back three with nine points which again is a great score.Next Monday is a Bank Holiday and we will have a competition but there will be no catering and the prizegiving will be the following Monday.

  Plummers' Committee  




Paddy McMahon


Brendan Conway


Peadar Nolan


Plummers' Competition is for H/C of 18 and over.