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Date posted: 14th of November 2017

Competition: Plummers Hamper
Date: 12th November 2017
Sponsor: Plummers

Overall winner of Hamper: Ronan King

2nd Alan Dooley

    Name H/C Pts 
Class 1 1st   John Nolan  18  
  2nd   Louis Lavelle  17  
Class 2 1st   Paddy McMahon  27  
  2nd   Paul Quinn  24  

Class 1: 17.5 - 22.4. Class 2: 22.5 - 28 

The special prize for casual Mondays was won by Paddy McMahon 2nd was Paul Quinn and the winner of the back three was Hugh Brady.

The Captain of the Plummers for 2018 is Brendan Conway.

  Plummers' Committee  




Paddy McMahon


Brendan Conway


Peadar Nolan


Plummers' Competition is for H/C of 18 and over.