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Competition: plummers
Date: 7th August 2017

    Name H/C Pts 
Class 1 1st   David Lane  21  18
  2nd   Peter Bennett  22  16
Class 2 1st   Kevin Blake  25  19
  2nd   John Power  24  17

Class 1: 17.5 - 22.4. Class 2: 22.5 - 28 

Rev.Dr.William Olhausen won the best last three with 7 points.He says he won it on his own without Divine intervention mmm? David Lane and John Power as two new members made their mark. Well done to all on a bank holiday.It was the first bank holiday that we ever had enough people playing to qualify for a competition.16 played which was very good.

Plummers please note that our trip to Spain is nearly full.If interested contact us immediately.

  Plummers' Committee  




Paddy McMahon


Brendan Conway


Peadar Nolan


Plummers' Competition is for H/C of 18 and over.