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Date posted: 21 Sept 2017

Competition: Tuesday Invitation
Date: 19 Sept 2017
Sponsor: n/a

 1st  Brian McCarthy (6)  21 pts  
 2nd  Brendan Pigott (14)  21 pts  
 3rd  Dermot McCarthy (3)  20 pts  
 Guest  Shane Finnegan (16)  17 pts  
 Best 5 Holes  Brian O'Neill (23)  14 pts  

 Worthy winners with some excellent scores today, in fine weather and with very fast and testy greens - a credit to the greenskeeper and staff.

Next week is our final Super Tuesday, and is already well subscribed, so keep an eye on the timesheet. Beware the late tee times and the fading light at this time of year.





Alan Dooley


David McNamara


Karl Unger


Men's Tuesday Invitational 4Ball Committee