Ladies' Group Class

Leo runs very successful ladies' 5 week group classes every Friday, one at 9am, 10am, 11am and 12noon. The classes run for an hour and each week there is a new aspect covered each week, ie: putting week 1, chipping week 2, pitching week 3, bunker shot week 4, and week 5 an hour on the course with Leo. Anyone can come along and join in the 5 week course. The course of 5 lessons is now pre-paid and pre-booked. The cost for the 5 weeks is only €60!!

The Friday classes are returning on 27th April! Please call 0894977947 for booking and further information

Wednesday Men's Class

For Men, Leo has a Wednesday morning group class at 10am, running for 5 weeks and covering a different aspect each week as described above. These classes are open to members and non members, so feel free to invite a friend.

Saturday Mixed Group Class

Leo is now running a Saturday morning mixed group class at 11am. This will run as before for 5 weeks each time, covering a different aspect each week as described above. These classes are open to male and female golfers and members and non members, so feel free to invite a friend. 

Junior Golf Coaching

Andrew runs popular 6 week group classes for kids from the age of 6-17 on the weekends. Each class lasts an hour and covers a new aspect each week. These are divided up into age groups of 6-9, 10-14 and 15-17. The price is only €60 for 6 hours of coaching sessions!! They are a great way to introduce new players to the game or hone the skills of experienced players. Members and non-members both welcome, along with any friends!

The next 6 weekend groups return in May! They run for 6 consecutive weekends from Saturday 12th/Sunday 13th May to Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th June. Please call 0894977947 to book or for more information.

Summer Camps

After the massive success of their kids' camps, Leo and Andrew will be running more again in the future. For Summer 2018, these will run on alternate Mondays and Tuesdays from the 4th and 5th of June. The cost for a 3 hour camp covering all aspects of golf is only €30 p/head or €25 p/head for 2+ siblings, so is excellent value! You can contact the shop for more information and to enroll your child.

Contact us to register for our email database for instant updates on future events.


Skills Testing with Andrew

A skills test involves a player attempting various record-able challenges (e.g. Holing as many 10ft putts as possible out of 10 attempts) and recording how they performed. Andrew will set up these tests for every aspect of your golf game and show you where you can best improve and where you should be focusing your valuable practice time. Andrew can show you your strengths and guide you through how to plan your round to be able to play to your strengths and shoot your best scores possible. Skills tests are also a great way of checking for improvement when repeated and compared to past results. Book now on 0894977947.