Date posted: 31st March 2020

A very big thank you to everyone for all the support you have shown to us in the first few months of our Captaincy, particularly for the wonderful turnout on our Drive In Day.  So much has happened since then, it is hard to believe it was only a few short weeks ago.  We hope you are all managing as well as can be expected in these extraordinary and difficult times.  It is disappointing to have our fine course and clubhouse closed at the moment, especially as the weather has been so dry recently.  We are sure you all agree it is the right thing to do, and a very small sacrifice compared to the challenges facing so many at home and abroad.

Whilst we are closed, rest assured that our excellent team, both on the course and in the "virtual" office, are working away diligently.  Should you need to contact either Niall or Mags, their emails are and respectively.

We would like to express our appreciation to all club members who are right on the front line of this emergency.  Your dedication to meet the huge demands that are being placed on you is a shining example to us all.  The Killiney community is very proud of you.

It is easy to lose contact at times like this, so why not pick up the phone and ring a fellow club member.  It is always good to talk and to hear a friendly voice.  Let's look out for each other during these testing times.  If you require any assistance during this time with food shopping, medical supplies, dog walking etc. please do not hesitate to contact the office.  We have a number of club volunteers who have signed up and are ready to help.

Please be sure to stay healthy and active to the best of your ability.  Rest assured we will get back to all club activities as soon as it is possible, and safe to do so.  The course staff are continuing to maintain the course and if the weather is favourable, hopefully we will return to a pristine course.  We look forward to picking up the rest of the golfing year together, with even more excitement and enthusiasm.

Now for something a bit more lighthearted!  We would like to have a little challenge competition.  We are asking members to make a little video on what they are doing with their golf clubs, or without, to stay entertained.  For example, it could be keep ups with your ball and club or trying to hit that excess supply of toilet rolls you have into a bucket.  Please send via WhatsApp to Captain Brendan (087 682 1484) or Lady Captain Diane (087 682 2202) or email the office.  We will post the best ideas and funniest videos on the website next week.  Please note no 3rd party videos (getting far too many of them already), we only want videos of our members or their households having fun!

Please see below from Captain Brendan as an example.

The Captain's Video

Stay safe!
Captains Brendan and Diane