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Leo is now teaming up with GolfVoyager the latest in holiday booking technology and is delighted to pass on their best deals, to Spain or Portugal. The website is extremely easy to use and can be tailored in any way you wish and to any budget you you want to go with. If you need any help Leo or Andrew can put a package together for you themselves and you can then decide which one to go with. If you want to have a look and see the amazing deals on offer just use the booking site at the bottom right of this page, it is worth a look just to see how easy an all inclusive package can be tailored to your personal needs!! If you book through this page you will receive extra discounts too.

Equipment, Clothing & Accessories

Quality: Through extensive retail and golf experience, Leo provides each individual customer with exactly what they need to play, look and feel better on the golf course.

Value: As a member of Tartan Golf International buying group, Leo can offer his customers extremely competitive prices without compromising on standards of customer service. 

The Workshop & Custom Fitting

Leo runs and operates a state of the art workshop where any and all repairs or modifications can be made to your equipment. (i.e. Re-gripping, re-shafting, loft, lie, length etc...)

Custom fits with Titleist, Taylor Made or Ping fitting systems can be arranged by appointment.

Remember, as little as 1 degree out at impact can equate to as much as 10 yards off target!

Physical And Mental Enhancement

Leo works with Orla Chambers, a fitness instructor and life coach. She is also a Reiki master and does N.L.P. and E.F.T. which are becoming huge in golf phycology and the mental side of things. For further information contact Leo.