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William Michael Lane, Captain 1903 Killiney Golf club

In the 1901 census William lived in Killiney with his wife Anne, sons Hugh and Aubrey, daughters Muriel and Robin and a gaggle of servants. A cook, a parlour maid, a house maid, a coach man and a stable hand.

Residents of Killiney


Census detail. Signature? 

He was born in Londonderry his wife Anne was born in Donegal and one of his daughters Muriel was born in Waterford.

His occupation was listed but not easy to read.

I have written to the Crown court of NI and maybe something will come of that as it appears to be a solicitor. Have a look and any suggestions may get us nearer to ‘holy grail’ – a photo of the man himself.

I have also written to all the current solicitors list in Ireland with surname ‘Lane’ with hope. Siobhan, Maureen, John, Joanne, David and Michael

Replies – John Stewart gives a possible lead - I do know that there was a solicitors practice in Cork known as Guest Lane Williams. It subsequently amalgamated into O’Donnell Breen Walsh O’Donoghue Solicitors in Cork City. I would guess that that Guest Lane Williams firm was of the vintage of your gent and there may be some connection there.

I have written to Guest Lane & Williams again a possible- 

I have also written to Stuart Margetson former captain of Foxrock and Solicitor, partner M, O, & Prentice etc. etc. Stuart knows of a Lane family of solicitors so has sent the details on and he will continue the chase..

Our Richard Grogan is checking with the Law Society for any records.

He definitely went to school in Londonderry but I really need to track him later in life – work in progress…

Twelfths Report of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland, Jan 5th, 1821.

Number 883 - Michael Lane



Research by Gordon Horsfield