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Course Open. Buggies are permitted on the course today.
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Leo Hynes Golfing Tips

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Pro Shop. I will be posting regular tips for you to read and use each month, or even each week, if I have time. I will also be posting our special deals available in the shop each month and aim to keep you all up to date on any innovations in the latest equipment, so I hope you enjoy and visit these pages regularly.

N.B. All my tips will be explained for the right-handed golfer, for simplicity!!

Video Lesson No. 1 - Body Rotation
Video Lesson No. 2 - Speed Drill
Video Lesson No. 3 - Distance Control
Video Lesson No. 4 - Trajectory Control
Video Lesson No. 5 - Connection Drill
Video Lesson No. 6 - Power Drill
Video Lesson No. 7 - Chip Shots
Tip No. 1 - The Over Swing
Tip No. 2 - Distance Control in Putting
Tip No. 3 - Bunker Play
Tip No.4 - How to chip
Tip No.5 - Pitching