Date posted: 11th September 2018

Competition: Plummers' Captain's Prize
Date: 10th September 2018

    Name H/C Pts 
Class 1 1st   Paul Donaldson 19 19 
  2nd   Tommy Buckley 21 18
Class 2 1st   Michael Hilary 25 20
  2nd   Bryan O'Neill 23 19
Plummer of the Year 1st John Urwin - 114 points    
  2nd Ray Woodroofe - 112 points CB    
  3rd Bryan O'Neill - 112 points    
Past Captains Prize   Paddy McMahon - 16 points    
Back 3 Winner   Palmer Carter - 9 points    
Plummers' Captain's Prize   Ray Woodroofe - 21 points    

Class 1: 17.5 - 22.4. Class 2: 22.5 - 28 

A record turnout of 58 played in a shotgun start well organized as ever by Matt Campbell. The Plummers' Committee were delighted to invite Captain Brendan McAndrew and Vice Captain Brendan Barrett as our guests for a wonderful round of golf and excellent cuisine from Mark and his team. Our thanks also to Gerry and his team for providing such a wonderful service.

The Easy Ryder Cup teams for the Plummers trip to Spain were announced and the team jerseys were also presented by Ronan King. Ronan has performed a great role in organizing this event. Our thanks also to Karl Unger and a very special thanks to John Nolan who was the original instigator of this event.

The Plummers' talent knows no bounds as we had wonderful musical entertainment provided by stalwart Plummers Peadar Nolan & Alan Dooley and Rookie Plummer Tim McStay. Well done on a great sing-song. Many thanks to John, Dylan, and Alan for providing a constant supply of lubrication for the weary singers and assembled fans.

Just a reminder that casual Plummers is available every Monday until the Hamper Dinner, so please enter a card and remember to include the date. There will be prizes presented at the Plummer's Hamper Dinner on Sunday 11th November. Our thanks to Palmer for arranging this extra competition.

Finally, my year is almost over and I would like to thank everyone for all the support and excellent engagement we enjoyed both on and off the course, many thanks indeed - it has been wonderful.

Brendan Conway

  Plummers' Committee  




Frank Fitzgerald


Brendan Conway


Peadar Nolan


Plummers' Competition is for H/C of 18 and over.