Date posted: 12 November 2018, 12:21pm

The Plummers’ Hamper Competition and Dinner took place on Sunday 11th November in Killiney.

Hamper Winner Gavin Carpenter 22
Class 1 1st Brendan Conway 21
Class 1 2nd Peter Bennett 17
Class 1 Back 3 Michael Purcell 8
Class 2 1st Ted McCourt 19
Class 2 2nd Jason Ballard 16
Class 2 Back 3 John Riseley 8
Single Matchplay Winner 2018 Brendan Conway  
Single Matchplay Runner-Up Bryan O'Neill  
Casual Plummers Palmer's Prize Brendan Conway  


This is the last event in 2018 season and is also the occasion where the incoming Captain is introduced, and I am delighted to announce Ronan King as my successor. I wish him the very best and I know he will promote and encourage all Plummer activities with great energy, fun, and enthusiasm.

I would also like to thank Peadar Nolan and Frank Fitzgerald for the fun I had working with them on Committee. We did what had to be done with great efficiency and always with good-humoured irreverence and I thoroughly enjoyed myself – we had a lot of laughs. There were so many little subcommittees supporting us and I would like to thank John Nolan, Matt Campbell, Peter Bennett, Karl Unger, John Waldron, and Palmer Carter for all their help and advice. It made my role so much easier having such a group working with me and for the Plummers.

I would also like to thank Captain Brendan McAndrew and Vice-Captain Brendan Barrett for their encouragement and engagement with the Plummers and I was delighted to have them as our guests yesterday.

We had a wonderful day’s golf and we all enjoyed a superb meal and hospitality in the club afterwards and my thanks to all the Plummers for their support in Season 2018.

I am pleased to announce the results and I would also like to thank Tom Buckley for his generous sponsorship, it greatly enhanced the hamper.

Good Golfing in 2019.

Brendan Conway