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Posted by: Keith Bardon
Date posted: Saturday February 26th

Competition: Draw for 2022 Molloy Cup.
Closing Date: First Round to be played by Monday, June 6th.



Mark Hoey and Richard Hoey

v Peter Wyse and Christy Upton

Aengus Cummins and Pat O'Brien

v Karl Strecker and Simon Strecker

Sean Hayes and Barry Timlin


Nigel Duke and Pat Walsh

Paddy May and Ken McCullagh


John Waldron and Gary Ryan

Peter Bardon and Keith Bardon


Conrad Lyons and Niall Tinney

Michael Purcell and Declan Morrissey 


Frank Brennan and Brendan Seaver

John Quinn and Enda Allen 


Tom Wallace and Andrew Houton

Arthur Doran and Pat Smyth


Charles Barry and Mark Barry