Birdies July 2022 Click here

Birdy facts

  • Total of 17 Birdies in July compared to 23 in May and 24 in June (plus 2 Eagles in June)
  • Out of our total 68 players entered in the Birdy competition, 33 have had at least 1 Birdy since the competition began. (There may be more but some players forgot to send the WhatsApp!)
  • 4 players in Class 3 have had a Birdy so far. 
  • 8 players in Class 2 
  • 21 players in Class 1 of whom 13 have had at least 2 Birdies
  • Most Birdies were scored on 8th hole in July (6 Birdies)

So, Keep the Birdies and the Eagles coming. Remember, even if you have already ringed a hole, and now, you get a Birdy on it, still RING it and WhatsApp it to 0851118747 before the next 18 hole competition. It will be used for the Birdy Tree. 

Next Update is in September.