Course status

Course Open. Buggies are permitted on the course today.

Winners of the Father and Son Trophy

First presented in 1977 by Paddy O'Neill. Only two members of Killiney Golf Club, Conrad Lyons and Keith Bardon have won both as a father and as a son. The photo shows Paddy O'Neill (centre) presenting the Father and Son Trophy to Stephen (left) and Kevin Blake (right) in 1989.

Year Winners
1977 Eddie and Brendan Conway    
1978 Gerry and Eddie Doyle    
1979 Coleman and John O'Doherty     
1980 Michael and Ian Atherton    
1981 Eddie and Brendan Conway     
1982 Eddie and Brendan Conway     
1983  Jim and Anthony Byrne     
1984 Joe and Niall King    
1985 Ivor and David Vard    
1986 Des and Tom Fitzgerald     
1987  Aidan and Eoin Clarke    
1988  Eddie and Brendan Conway    
1989 Kevin and Stephen Blake    
1990 Paddy and Patrick Lowry     
1991 Michael and Mike Brophy    
1992 Arthur and Rory Murphy    
1993  Leslie and David Andrews     
1994  John and Conrad Lyons      
1995  Pat and David Smyth    
1996  Karl and Karl Strecker    
1997 Don and Barry MacManus    
1998 Des and Tom Fitzgerald    
1999 Aidan and Eoin Clarke    
2000 Don and Barry MacManus    
2001 Don and Barry MacManus    
2002 Peter and Keith Bardon    
2003 Seamus and Seamus Smyth    
2004 Charlie and Mark Barry    
2005 Peter and Keith Bardon    
2006 Willow and Gavin Murray    
2007 Larry and Conor Sherin    
2008 Adam and Simon Watson    
2009 Joe and Evan McNeice    
2010 Larry and Conor Sherin    
2011 Michael and Mike Brophy    
2012 Aengus and Cillian Cummins    
2013 Karl and Karl Strecker    
2014 Niall and Gavin Tinney    
2015 Conrad and Mark Lyons     
2016 Philip and Jamie Airey    
2017 Larry and Conor Sherin    
2018 Brian and Jake McCarthy    
2019 Keith and Matthew Bardon     
2020 Not played due to Covid    
2021 Keith and Matthew Bardon