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Course Open. Buggies are permitted on the course today.

Winners of The Greens' Trophy

This wonderful trophy was commissioned in 1911 and presented to His Honour George C. Green county court judge of the counties of Armagh and Louth by the solicitors of Dundalk on the occasion of his marriage 21st November 1911. It was presented to Killiney Golf Club by the Green Family in 1998 in memory of their father to be played for as a perpetual trophy to the Greens prize. Pictures in 2010 (L to R) Michael Thunder (Captain), Michael Green, Maurice Lawlor (Winner) and John Green.

2014. L to R: Michael Green, John Green, David Sullivan (Winner) and Tony Harbison (Captain).

Year Winners
1998 R. Grogan     
1999  E.J. Lennon    
2000  K. Bardon    
2001  P. Kavanagh    
2002  B. MacManus     
2003  D.Devine     
2004  K. McCullagh    
2005  P.D. Bardon     
2006 J. Dawson    
2007  J. McNeice     
2008  J. Morgan     
2009  B. O'Neill     
2010  M. Lawlor    
2011  C. O'Rourke     
2012  G. Murray    
2013  S. Pigot    
2014  D. Sullivan    
2015  P. Allen     
2016  D. O'Meara     
2017  M. Lawlor    
2018  N. Tinney    
2019  P. Allen    
2020 P. Fitzgerald