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Lady Huggard Salver

Lady Huggard Salver first presented in 1958. Lady Huggard was a well-known member of the Club. Her first name was Kitty and she was daughter of Dr. Wright who was a Doctor in Dalkey and a member of the Club. She joined Killiney in 1924 and obviously was a golfer of great prowess as from her first three cards for handicap purposes, she commenced playing off 11. By 1939 she had got down to seven handicap. She continued to play in the Club for many years. The Salver was presented by her in 1958 and is the major Foursome Match Play Competition contested in the Club. From the inauguration in 1958 up to 1966, this was a Singles Match Play open to all handicaps. In 1967 it was decided to change it into a Foursome Match Play.

2020. Anne Marie Furlong and Helen Gallagher, Winners Lady Huggard Salver.

 Year  Winner
1958 Mrs. R.G. Large
1959 Mrs. M. Fleming 
1960 Mrs. E.J. Harte 
1961 Miss E. Higginbotham
1962 Mrs. G. Cresswell 
1963 Mrs. E. Ryan 
1964 Mrs. G. McIntyre
1965 Mrs. M. Baker 
1966 Mrs. J.R. Hunter  
1967 Mrs. B. Jordan and Miss P. Martin 
1968 Mrs. D. Richardson and Mrs. G. Cresswell 
1969 Mrs. A. Wagstaff and Mrs. K. Bourke
1970 Mrs. M. Baker and Miss P. Waldron 
1971 Mrs. M. Fleming and Miss A. Blair White 
1972 Mrs. R. Thornton and Mrs. R. Whitney 
1973 Mrs. F. Duke and Mrs. E. Brittain 
1974 Mrs. P. Tallon and Miss P. Waldron 
1975 Mrs. E. Buckley and Mrs. C. McGrath 
1976 Mrs. H. Robinson and Mrs. D. Richardson 
1977 Mrs. P. Tallon and Miss P. Waldron 
1978 Mrs. M. Fleming and Mrs. E. Buckley 
1979 Mrs. M. Fleming and Mrs. E. Buckley 
1980 Mrs. D. Kenny and Mrs. M. McKee 
1981 Mrs. M. Fleming and Mrs. E. Buckley 
1982 Mrs. M. Cummins and Mrs. H. Jordan 
1983 Mrs. F. Kennedy and Mrs. A. Casserly 
1984 Mrs. A. Hunter and Mrs. M.R. Brophy 
1985 Mrs. M. Clarke and Mrs. I. Curran 
1986 Miss R. Carroll and Mrs. C. O'Brien 
1987 Miss R. Knight and Mrs. V. Owens 
1988 Mrs. Z. O'Hare and Mrs. N. Jordan 
1989 Mrs. A. Carter and Mrs. E. Varian 
1990 Mrs. W. Airey and Mrs. A. O'Keeffe 
1991 Mrs. P. Clarke and Mrs. A. O'Keeffe 
1992 Miss P. Waldron and Mrs. M. McKee 
1993 Miss P. Waldron and Mrs. K. Madden 
1994 Mrs. B. Kirwan and Mrs. K. Mongan 
1995 Mrs. A. Hunter and Mrs. P. Brown 
1996 Pam Clarke and Edi Varian 
1997 Clodagh Kinsella and Nuala Jordan 
1998 Alison Carter and Katherine Martin 
1999 Catherine O'Brien and Sheila O'Shea 
2000 Margaret Clarke and Evelyn Doyle 
2001 Audrey Hunter and Katherine Martin 
2002 Margaret Clarke and Mary Cummins 
2003 Wendy Airey and Claire Alwright
2004 Wendy Airey and Clodagh Kinsella 
2005 Clodagh Kinsella and Michelle Power 
2006 Maeve Davitt and Maeve O'Donnell 
2007 Alison Carter and Jean Redahan 
2008 Jean Redahan and Clodagh Kinsella 
2009 Mary Cummins and Sylvia Morgan 
2010 Aisling Sherin and Maeve Davitt 
2011 Grainne O'Donovan and Claire Blake 
2012 Mary Cummins and Irene Campbell 
2013 Joan Moore and Pam Clarke 
2014 Emer Kirwan and Valerie O'Rourke 
2015 Emer Kirwan and Louise Martin 
2016 Anne Kilty and Sylvia Morgan 
2017 Mary Cummins and Joan Kelly
2018 Mieke Mc Namara and Sylvia Morgan
2019 Melanie Allen and Bernie Mulvin
2020 Helen Gallagher and Anne Marie Furlong 
2021 Helen Gallagher and Siobhan May