Updated: 31 May 2019, 11:49am

Following on from the recent Challenge Cup notification, the following players who are panel members of the Jimmy Bruen Shield team may play their first round match in the Challenge Cup between Sunday June 2nd and Thursday June 13th provided they qualify for the Matchplay stage next Saturday:

Jamie Airey
James Baily
Michael Boyce
Stephen Connolly
Aengus Cummins
Robbie Doddy
Gerry Drum
Tony Harbison
Mark Hoey
Gavin Homan
Paul Kirwan
Mark Lyons
Paddy May
David McNamara
Brian O’ Connell
Mark O’ Connell
Ger O’ Connor
Cian O’ Sullivan
Gary Ryan
Oscar Sexton
Larry Sherin
Niall Tinney
David Vard
John Walsh