Date posted: 25 October 2019, 11:10am

Killiney Plummers in Woodbrook. Paul Donaldson, Kieran Killeen, Peter Bennett, Karl Unger, Ronan King, John Nolan, Michael Hilary, Alan Dooley and Ted McCourt. (Missing in Action! Brendan McAndrew, Michael P Purcell and Brendan Conway. Believed to be practicing on the putting green when the photo was taken.)

Ronan King (Captain Killiney Plummers) and Liam Kavanagh (Captain Woodbrook Plummers) with the Plummers' Challenge Trophy.

Details of the The Plummers' Challenge Trophy, displaying the logos of Killiney GC and Woodbrook GC.

Killiney and Woodbrook Plummers.

Apart from being close neighbours, Killiney and Woodbrook share at least one outstanding tradition - a thriving Plummers section! Woodbrook Plummers started life way back in 1957 while Killiney followed suit in 1976. So it is highly appropriate that, on 24 October 2019, we competed against each other for the Inaugural "Plummers' Challenge Trophy". Played in beautiful autumnal sunshine, the Killiney Twelve acquitted themselves well, narrowly missing out by 114 points to 117 to the home team. The match, followed by a convivial dinner, was a model of golfing camaraderie and was greatly enjoyed by all. We look forward to hosting Woodbrook next year, having "loaned" them the splendid Plummers' Challenge Trophy!!.