Date posted: 15th November 2019

The competition is 9 holes Stableford Scotch Foursomes with three possible re-entries/restarts on the 3rd 7th and/or again on the 10th hole. If you elect to restart on the 3rd hole you may restart again on 7th or 10th. If you do not restart on 3rd or 7th you may 'bank' your first 9 score' re-enter on 10 and submit your better 9 at the end.

Handicap allowance is half of the combined handicap and half again as the competition is 9 holes. Round up half shots . For example if a 16 and 17 Handicap are playing together  16+17 = 33   halved is 16.5  rounded = 17  halved again is 8.5 and rounded = 9 Shots.

Please use the winter scorecards 'Front 9' part of the card. Preferably as follows:

Column A  Start on 1, switch to Column B if restart on 3, Column C if restart on 7 and Column D for renter/restart on 10th Hole.

Mens Committee