Date posted: 26 November 2019, 1:56pm

I recently discovered that Michael Browne (Course Superintendent) has a spectacular collection of photographs which shows aspects of our golf course few of us have seen. Some stunning photographs of mushrooms and lenticular clouds.

If you can identify the mushrooms, please let me know.

The unusual clouds are called lenticulars. They are relatively rare and are regularly confused for UFOs, particularly in low light conditions. When atmospheric conditions are right at low sunset, the underneath will glow red. They have a smooth oval lens shape and look like an upturned saucer, hence "flying saucer".

They occasionally form over the Dublin mountains, and like all good behaving UFOs and flying saucers, remain stationary, even in a strong wind. Pilots of light aircraft are wary of lenticular clouds. They have an updraft on one side and an equally strong downdraft on the leeward side. Glider pilots will seek out a lenticular and look for the updraft.

Click on any of the images to launch the photo album.

Thank you Michael.

Peter Bennett