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Competition: Plummers

Thursday 13th June'19

    Name H/C Pts 
Class 1 1st   Fintan Tierney  19 17(18-1) 
  2nd   Tim McStay  17  17
Class 2 1st   Michael Sweeney  29  18
  2nd   Kevin Madden  28

 16 (17-1)

Class 1: 17.5 - 22.4. Class 2: 22.5 - 28 

Back three, Sponsored by John Risley

Barry Timlin  6 points


Script goes here..36 played in our annual scramble, followed by an excellent presentation from Dr Mark Cambell sports psychologist which put a spring back in our step and sent us home full of hope for the future

   Plummers' Committee  


Alan Dooley


Frank Fitzgerald


Peadar Nolan


Ronan King



Plummers' Competition is for H/C of 18 and over