Date post: 20 June 2019, 7:53pm

It’s sad to report that we were beaten last Sun 16th June, playing Elm Park – despite a fab performance by the team and a 2-All match position – but unfortunately we lost the last match on 17th away.

Team in Killiney  
Emer Kirwan & Moyna Noble Won on 15th
Melanie Allen & Avril Murphy Allen Won on 16th
Tina Twohig & Maureen Flannery Lost on 17th
Sub: Deirdre McDonnagh  
Team in Elm Park  
Barbara Tidey & Yvonni Airey Lost on 18th
Cathryn Towlson & Julie Savage Lost on 17th
Sub: Marianne Doran  
A Time for Everything

We had a great team this year for the Revive Active competition - and I mean all of us together - the players, subs, supporters, members of the KGC committees, the WhatsAppers, the office who did the posters and published the reports and of course the Vice Captain Lelia (who seriously upped her game on the reportage this time round; a veritable blitz of match updates – well done sweetie). It has been dramatic (going to the 26thhole) and it has been tough (losing – hate da). But mostly we saw some really talented, consistent golf by our players – well done all!

Singling out any players is like naming your favourite child and of course we don’t have those but I should recognise the fact that both Emer and Moyna and Mel and Avril won all their matches – 3 in a row - which is a great record and something that other team mangers might want to note.

Special mention to Barbara who subbed in to play away at short notice and to Tina, who subbed at the last minute to play with Maureen and never having played together before, they took their match to the 17th, despite really strong play by their opposition – tough gig. When Tina turned up to play with gorgeous blond curls we laughed about the great Dolly Parton quote; she said “I don’t mind dumb blond jokes, cos I know I’m not dumb, and I know I’m not blond.”

We may be down – and in fact we are actually out. But we have a vision for next year – and its 2020.

Thanks all for the happy journey.

Cathy  x.