Date posted: 12 May 2019, 1:08pm
You might remember ourlast outing went to the 26thhole (which took 6 hours and 20 mins. btw!) so delighted to confirm this time round we made winning look easy on Friday 10thMay, with a very decisive victory over Old Conna.

Team in Killiney

Emer Kirwan & Moyna Noble

Won on 16th

Melanie Allen & Avril Murphy Allen

Won on 15th

Aisling Sherin & Maureen Flannery

Won on 13th


Team in Old Conna

Barbara Tidey & Keara McAndrew

Lost on 15th

Cathryn Towlson & Julie Savage

Lost on 17th

Sub: Orla Fitzgerald


It’s a wrap.

Well played all! It was great fun to be able to watch good, steady and confident golf played with a smile on everyones face. Feeling slightly scarred by our previous match, when we went through the 10th- 3 up, 3 up and 6 up in this match – I had high hopes that we might actually win by 22nd, so amazing to wrap it up so quickly – 3 hours flat. A special mention for Manager Monica and the Old Conna team who were very gracious in defeat and great company over lunch afterwards.

Many of our consistent supporters were out again and some travelled to Old Conna too - so thanks for making the effort. And it was lovely to see Pauline on the course to support us– looking ravishing in a red sweetie.

A Rule to Know

Every time there’s a match, there’s a rule to remember and this was no exception. Here’s what happened; Keara and and Barbara were finishing out a hole and Keara turned to the opposition and confirmed she was 6 net 5. They agreed and Barbara – with a short put to make a 5 – picked up her ball. At this point Old Conna pointed out that Keara had actually had a 7 net 6 and they went on to win the hole with a 5.

When Keara told this story in the post-match analysis on 19th, Emer immediately said that Barbara had the right to replace her ball and take the put, with no penalty. Someone else said she could replace her ball but with a one shot penalty. Obviously Keara and Barbara thought they couldn’t replace the ball.

So who was right?

If you pick up because your opponent makes a remark that can reasonably be taken to be a concession, you can, in equity, replace your ball without penalty. In this case a score was agreed but it could also be a case where someone says the put is “good” - meaning the last put - but the player assumes it means the next put is given and picks up the ball. If, however, what your opponent says cannot reasonably be taken as a concession, you do not lose the hole simply by picking up. You can replace it but under a 1 stroke penalty.

Decision 2-4/3 covers it.

Lovely Lelia

Vice Manager Lelia sadly continues to be challenged by communications. Under strict instructions to keep us informed of the scores with regular WhatsApps – she was sent off to Old Conna with a target of 3 messages per hour. How hard can it be? Bear in mind folks there are only 2 matches in Old Conna……

Seriously, here’s what transpired.

10.30 am Match Starts
11.49 am First Message from Lelia to Cathy
2nd match 2 dn after 4. Nothing yet on 1st match
11.55 am Message from Cathy to Lelia
Do u mean 1st match A/S?
11.56 am Message from Lelia to Cathy
No I don't know score on 1st match

Is it me or she?