Date posted: 21 April 2019, 11:02pm

McGuires watch out – here come the Allens!

Is this a record? We don’t know – but no-one in Killiney can remember an inter-club match going to the 26th so what an absolute pleasure to be able to say - Killiney won! No wonder the Allen twins had to sit down……

Team in Killiney
Emer Kirwan & Moyna Noble Won on 19th
Vonni Airey & Deirdre McDonagh Won 2 Up on 18th
Melanie Allen & Avril Murphy Allen Won on 26th
Sub: Roisin Vard  


Team in Kilmashogue
Barbara Tidey & Siobhan May Lost on 15th
Cathryn Towlson & Marianne Doran Lost on 18th
Sub: Julie Savage  


From the get-go we knew it was game on with Kilmahougue - who have won this competition in recent years and also have a very tricky golf course, with many raised greens that are a challenge for any visitor. And so it proved to be for Barbara and Siobhain – both known to be excellent match players – but they struggled with strong opposition, sanded fairways and lightening-fast greens, ultimately losing their match on 15th. Catherine and Marianne were 1 or 2 down throughout the match but managed to force their way up the 18th, only to lose to a chip-in by the opposition. Note to Vice Captain Leliah who managed the away team – it was great to get the 3 match updates on WhatsApps over the first 4 hours but we might go mad, up the productivity a little and aim for a few extra messages next round! We were desperate for news at Killiney because every match was so tight – ultimately before any match at Killiney had finished we now knew that we had to triumph in all three to get the overall win.

Emer & Moyna – Be Afraid

Emer and Moyna (bravely wearing a fab navy skirt dahling) were first out. When Michael Thunder and myself looked at Emer on the first tee, standing with her hands on her hips, tall and athletic - and given her talent and mental strength – we just knew she was not going to lose at home. The great thing for Killiney is – that’s what the opposition are thinking too! So while it took a few holes for Emer to get into her stride initially, Moyna played some really great golf early on, with the pair going 1 up after 6. But it was a match that swung between 1 up and 1 down hole after hole. Unfortunately – with the opposition dovetailing brilliantly – our pair went to the 18th tee 1 down. But a great par by Emer meant we were AS after 18 and off they went up the 19th - with firm instructions to “fight like a girl”! I decided that they were simply not going to lose now so left the other supporters to cheer them to victory and waited on the 18th tee for the next match to arrive…….

The Allen Twins

Mel and Avril would intimidate anyone on a golf course in the normal course of events – with their great golf, commitment to improving and competitive spirit. But they went the extra mile to scare the life out of us all on Friday…..

Again it was another very tight match and we went from being 2 up after 6 to 1 down after 15, with the momentum swinging the wrong way as Kilmashogue holed every long put they looked at, to gain the advantage. But shot of the day has to come from twin Mel on 18th. As they came up the fairway with Killiney 1 down, one of the opposition was just off the green for 2 (with a shot). Avril also looking good after 3 with a shot but remember we had to win the hole not to lose the match. Mel was on the fairway to the left of the elephants bath bunker after 2. She took a good look at Avrils position and told me this gave her the confidence to bang it straight up at the flag – and would you believe folks – the ball dropped into the hole for a birdie. Having looked certain to win the match (and an overall team win), the hapless opposition now had to hole a long chip to halve the hole and win the match – but she missed. And so the real marathon for this pair began on 19th …….

Pocket Rocket Vonni and Determined Deirdre

In the meantime, there were cheers on the 1st green and we were delighted to hear that Emer and Moyna had won on the 19th – though no surprise. At this stage our third pair were coming up the 18th and I’d love to write any detail at all on what went on in the 3rd match with dynamite duo Vonni and Deirdre but the head was frazzled with the other matches and the minds a blank. Anyway from the very outset, that team were never down and were certainly never going to be out. 2 up after 11, dropping to 1 up after 15, this crew played lovely golf with a relaxed confidence and steely determination that meant the win was never in doubt. Victory on 18th – 2 up – note to other players; it’s good if ye can try to win before or on the 18th!

A Few Holes Halved

So the position now stood at 2 matches all and it was down to the McGuires, sorry Allens, to look after business. In summary starting on the 19th – here’s the balance of the match report; they halved a hole, they halved a hole, they halved a hole, they halved a hole (where are we – oh yes – going up 23rd), they halved a hole, they halved a hole, they halved a hole. By 26th hole, I had an absurd thought that we really should get them to halve another to make a historic walk up the 27th in front of everyone at the clubhouse. But a win was better and thanks to superb team play and great dovetailing (not to mention resilience!) when Avril hit a loose shot going down 17th (having played stellar golf for most of this match), Mel stepped up to deliver a solid 5 – which was enough to beat the exhausted opposition – who deserve credit for putting up an amazing fight on the day. Here’s the winning put; it was short but it must have felt like 10 feet!

The Water and the Wild Betty

All credit to the players but thanks also to the ARMY of supporters who turned up at Killiney – women and men – who were definitely the extra club in bag, along with Lady Captain Miriam who was on the course for the entire 6 hours and 20 minutes to cheer the team on. It was great also that the away players and Leliah came back to the clubhouse to join the celebrations – after a long long day for everyone. Thanks to the supporters who made it over to Kilmashogue on the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend. And to the supporters who sent all those WhatsApp messages (did any of yiz actually read the WahtsApp policy btw – but forgiven in the circs.!) Finally a special mention for Betty Kirwan who told the Kilmashogue players it was fine to drink the water from the sinks in the Ladies locker room. Really?