Thanks for the feedback. 

What's changed and what's new....

  • Diary. The error in the colour of the fonts used for the diary has been fixed. 

  • The Pro Shop has disappeared! "I can't find Leo's tips." It hadn't disappeared, it was just difficult to find. The Pro Shop pages were only accessible from the Public Home Page, and if you were logged in you couldn't access them. This is now fixed. On the Members' Home Page, select The Club > Pro Shop.

  • Book a Tee Time is now the second item (after Update My Details) on the Members' Home Page. When you log in you won't have to scroll to find Book a Tee Time. To see all of your tee bookings you'll still have to scroll down.

  • Photo and Media Archive. You'll find this in the Members' area under "The Club". The archive contains some 6,000+ photographs, documents and 5 video clips. Videos have been converted to mp4, so they should work on any device. A "Thank you" to Palmer Carter for adding captions to many of the photographs.

    Click here for Photo and Media Archive.

  • Miscellaneous Bric-a-Brac. You'll find this in the Members' area under The Club. It contains some very interesting historic documents, all compiled by David Little. You can read about an armed robbery on the bar, and how the Hon Treasurer depreciated a horse! Additional material will be added in the near future, so check back.

    We need help with two of the entries.

    Bloom Cup Winners. A date and names of the individuals. Can anyone make  out the signature at the bottom right hand side of the photo?

    Early Birds. What year was this? 

    Click here for Miscellaneous Bric-a-Brac.

  • Dining Room - Additional pages have been added for dinner menus and the club’s Wine List and special offers. These pages will be populated within the next few weeks.

  • Public vs Private. This has been beefed up. Very little will appear on the public area of the web site. The vast majority of postings to the web site will only be accessible to members. To see Latest News and Recent Results you will have to log into the Members' Area. Some items will display on the Noticeboard, others won't. All new items are accessible via Club News. 

  • Remember my details. This issue has probaby come up more times than any other. “The old site remembered my user name and password and the new one doesn’t. Every time I log in I have to re-type my user name and password. It’s a bit of a pain!” It's not the website. This is caused by the browser. Here's a note on how to fix the problem. I'm looking for volunteers to help fellow members! If you've fixed it once, your an expert. 

Peter Bennett