How to get your browser to remember your User Name and Passwords 

The Problem

“The old site remembered my user name and password and the new one doesn’t. Every time I log in I have to re-type my user name and password. It’s a bit of a pain!”


This issue has probably come up more times than any other. David Little and I have had many enquiries as to why the new website won’t remember a user name and password. Every time you log in you have to retype your full User Name (GUI or Swipe Card Number) and a password.

The cause

It’s not the website. The website doesn’t remember your user name and password. It never has. It’s the browser you’re using that remembers the details, provided you’ve give it permission to do so. Most browsers, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, have this capability.

Some browsers will remember both, and others only the user name.

The fix

If the browser remembered the old site but not the new one, the browser has become confused. It happens. You’ll have to delete traces of the old site. It’s relatively easy to do so. The attached notes will tell you how to fix settings in Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, so the the browser will remember your details.

Read through the details on how to set up your browser to remember your user name and password. Have a go yourself first, and if you need assistance, talk to one of your fellow members. I’ve given you the names of some members to contact. I'm looking for volunteers. Would you help a fellow member?

A few words of caution

Be sensible and careful. Asking a browser to remember your user name and password is a security risk. There’s no real issue with the club’s website. However, you should never ask a browser to remember details for banks, medical insurance, credit cards - PayPal, Amazon, Fort Knox, or nuclear missile codes. Just remember:

  1. Never use a browser to remember passwords on a computer you don’t completely control, such as a computer in a public library, an internet shop, a computer you’ve borrowed, or a friend’s computer.
  2. Never, ever, ask a browser to remember bank details, insurance, medical, etc.
  3. It’s not a great idea to remember passwords on a portable computer either, as the machine could be stolen. An unusual machine password will offer you some protection.
  4. And if you’re paranoid, and know they’re definitely out to get you, consider using a password safe. They’re much better than writing passwords on post-It stickers. I use 1Password on a Mac and iOS devices. 1Password also works on Windows. You’ve plenty of options. Search the internet and see what you come up with.

Finally, proceed at your own risk.

The documents are in PDF format. Print out the document and have it beside you when you are working through the process.

How to set Safari

How to set Google Chrome

How to set Internet Explorer

Peter Bennett