We have received a letter from a neighbour in Beech Court, indicating that a number of golf balls have been found on his property recently and expressing concern for the safety of himself and his family.

The club have gone to great lengths to protect its neighbours from such occurrences. Hedges, trees and fences have been planted/installed around the boundaries of the course and practice area to help mitigate the risk. In addition we have re aligned the teeing area and placed yardage markers to face further away from the boundaries of the course.

However it is clear from this incident that a member(s) have been hitting shots in the direction of Church Road.

It is strictly forbidden to hit shots toward the Church Road end of the practice area and there are signs in the practice area to indicate this. It was discussed at our last Management Committee meeting and agreed that failure to comply with this instruction could lead to disciplinary action and could call into question a players membership status within the club.

The Club requests that if you witness any member breaching this rule to report it immediately to the Secretary Manager.

Niall Keyes
Secretary Manager