Date posted: 28th April 2020

My dear Friends, fellow members of Killiney Golf Club.  I wish you well.

A mere two weeks after taking on the role of Honorary President, our clubhouse and course were closed.  We have all had to adapt to, if not quite embrace, a new life.  I hope you and your loved ones are coping well.  It has been a very tough time for a lot of people in our community.  Although cocooning, it is great to be in contact with people and I know that I am lucky to live in a home with plenty of space, light and greenery.

I am privileged to belong to Killiney Golf Club.  I am so proud of our Members and their families who are front line health care workers.  They, unselfishly, are putting their own lives at risk to help the ill and vulnerable.  This group deserves our heartfelt thanks.

The first major golf competition in our Diary each year, is the President’s Prize to the Ladies.  This year it was scheduled for Thursday 7th May.  We will do our best to play this competition at a later date.

Niall, our Secretary Manager, and Mags are working in administration.  Jim and the Council are planning ways forward.  Captains, Diane and Brendan hold their Committee meetings via Zoom.  Michael and his team are ensuring that the course is kept at the usual high standard so when we do tee off, it will be perfect.  Can’t wait!

When this is over, I look forward to meeting you all in the club and on the course, playing a round, telling our stories, sharing a coffee and raising a glass!

Keep safe and well, 
Valerie Hand
Honorary President KGC 2020