Date posted: 11th June 2020

Dear Members, 

We are re-opening the practice ground for members under the following conditions; 

You can book a one hour session by telephoning the Proshop on 089 4977947.
Times run from 8.00am to 7.00pm
The maximum number of bookings per member is one per week. You can also book on the day if there is a slot free.
Members should book in at the registration desk before going to the Practice Ground.
The one hour session includes the time taken to retrieve all your golf balls from the practice area.

The practice ground will not be available at the following times;

Monday 3pm to 6.00pm
Tuesday 9am to 3.00pm
Thursday 9am to 4pm
Friday 1pm to 4pm

Yours sincerely,

Niall Keyes
Secretary Manager