Date posted: 16th March 2021

Dear Member,

You have already received the Notice and Motions for this year’s Annual General Meeting, which as you know by now will be conducted via Zoom this year, on Wednesday evening 24th March 2021 at 19.30.

Based on feedback received from Members who attended the Rules Information meeting held earlier this month, we would like to make you aware of the following procedures which are important to note if you plan to attend.

A Zoom meeting is always a difficult occasion to manage properly, especially if a number of people wish to interact. We are conscious that some people experienced difficulties and a degree of dissatisfaction with how the recent Information meeting went. We are making every effort to make things easier for our AGM.    We are expecting some healthy debate on the Rules Revision motions.    If you know in advance that you plan to address the meeting, it would be most helpful if you could advise Niall Keyes beforehand so he is aware and does not miss a ‘raised hand’ on the night accidentally.

Club Rule 17.11

In relation to Rule 17.11 as proposed by Council (“A minimum of four members of the Council shall be female and a minimum of four shall be male”) it was thought to be appropriate before taking a vote on this particular motion on the night, that two nominated members make a representation for both sides of the debate on behalf of all the members, so that all views and opinions are noted. 

If you would like to (a) be considered as the nominated member to address the meeting for either side of the debate or (b) have a point of view that you would like included in the debate by the nominated speaker, please get in touch with me by email.  

Of course, this is an open meeting and all members are fully entitled to speak for themselves on the night and have their own view point heard if they so wish, but it was thought an appropriate mechanism to expedite proceedings in relation to the vote for this particular rule and provide members with the opportunity to have all views heard succinctly.

Any rules motion requires two thirds of the votes of those present to be passed by the meeting.  A Rules motion may also be amended on the night in which case, the amendment is voted on first with the same two thirds of the votes of those present being required to pass it.

Registration & Voting
To attend the AGM you must register in advance. CLICK HERE to access the Zoom Link.

It is important to note that the device you use to register yourself on, is the same device that you plan to use to attend the meeting on the night.  If (for example) you register yourself on your phone and then try to access the meeting on your laptop you will be unable to access the link. 

Your vote is important to us!  For households with multiple members, in order that each and every vote is counted separately please make sure to use your own device to both register and vote on the night.  If two people join the meeting on the same device then only one vote can be recorded.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and any questions in advance please feel free to contact either myself or Secretary Manager, Niall Keyes. 

Yours sincerely,

Roisin McCarron
Honorary Secretary