Date posted: 5th October 2021

Please see attached Killiney Golf Club Junior Membership Application Form for 2022.

Please note the following before submitting your 2022 Membership Application Form:

1.    Junior Members must be a minimum of 11 years old on 1st January 2022.
2.    Proposers & Seconders must be an Ordinary Member for 3+ years.
3.    Both Proposers & Seconders must write a recommending letter and sign the Application Form.
4.    Ordinary Members (for 3+ years) can only Propose ONE person and Second ONE person per year regardless of category they are applying for (e.g. Ordinary / Clubhouse / Junior Membership).
5.    Application Forms must be returned to the office by Sunday 31st October 2021. 

Please ensure you enclose all necessary documentation before submitting your application.

See Checklist below:
1.  A Fully Completed (legible) 2022 Membership Application Form.
2.  A recommendation letter from your Proposer stating your relationship.
3.  A recommendation letter from your Seconder stating your relationship.
4.  Ensure your Proposer has signed and dated your Application Form.
5.  Ensure your Seconder has signed and dated your Application Form.
6.  A Current Passport Photograph.

All applications completed correctly and submitted to the club by 31st October 2021 will be considered.

NB: Payment is not accepted at this stage.  Should your application be successful you will be issued with an acceptance letter and invoice.

Proposers and Seconders to Junior Members must arrange to play two rounds of golf (9 holes) before they are eligible to play in any competitions. They must also explain all local rules and golfing etiquette.

There are no family discounts for 2022.

Please return completed Membership Application Forms to:

The Office,
Killiney Golf Club,
Ballinclea Road,
Co Dublin A96 W3X0

by Sunday 31st October 2021.