Date posted: 6th July 2021

Dear Members,

We are now four weeks into our Timesheet Pilot Scheme.  So far things appear to be running fairly smoothly and feedback we have received has been generally very positive.  We have received some questions/queries around the booking process.  These are outlined below with the answers: 

All the 9 hole competition lines on Friday Morning are full.  May I play at any other time on a Friday?
Answer: Yes you may play and enter the competition at any time during the day on Friday or Sunday as long as you have a marker and sign in to the competition before your tee time.  Your marker does not have to play in the competition.

Some of the men's lines on Thursday Morning are empty and the ladies lines are full, may I play on the men's lines if they are empty?
Answer: Yes you may.  You may book into any available space 72 hours after the timesheet opens.  So Ladies may book into Men's Thursday lines from 7pm on Friday evening.  Men may book into Ladies Saturday lines from 8pm on Sunday evening. 

There are free slots on Thursday afternoon. May I play casual golf?
Answer: No.  Currently there is no casual golf allowed on Thursdays or Saturdays.  If you are on the timesheet on Thursday or Saturday and fail to sign into the competition you will be charged the competition entry fee. 

May I play a Matchplay if there are empty lines on a Thursday?
Answer: Yes as there have been a number of free lines late on Thursday afternoons your committees are now allowing internal foursomes or singles matches to be played in the designated lines on Thursday afternoon. (No fourballs allowed).  Please note those playing in the 18 hole competition have priority on the course.  

If I am playing in the 18 hole competition may I also play in the 9 hole competition?
Answer: Yes you may play in both 9 and 18 hole competitions each week.  However, if you are booking into the 18 hole competition you may only book into the 9 hole competition 7 days in advance. 

Why do all the timesheets open at different times?
Answer: The main reason was to avoid an overload on the booking system.  Over covid times we had some issues when large numbers of members tried to sign on at the same time.  Secondly, it was felt that the same advance booking period should be maintained for all competitions where possible. 

Remember if you have any further questions please email 

Kind regards 
Ladies & Men's Golf Committees