Date posted: 23rd November 2021

Dear Members,

December is almost upon us so we would like to give a quick update on how the competition timesheets will operate in December. 

December 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th  
There will be no 18 hole competitions this weekend due to the annual mixed hamper being played on Saturday. Consequently the Thursday timesheet will be freely available to all members to play in their 9 hole competition. You may also play your 9 hole competition on Friday or Sunday as normal.  You may play Thursday and Saturday this week. 


December 2nd    9 Holes only  Men/Ladies                                    Timesheet opens   23rd November @ 7pm

December 3rd     9 Holes only  Men /Ladies                                   Timesheet opens   24th November @ 7.15pm

December 4th     9 Holes Mixed Scotch Foursomes Hamper            Timesheet open  spaces available 

December 5th     9 Holes only Men Ladies                                     Timesheet opens   24th November @ 7.15pm

December 9th / 10th / 11th / 12th
Due to the shortening days we will have to reduce the number of 18 hole lines available on Saturday 11th and Saturday the 18th December.   As a result of this there will be a limited number of 9 hole lines available on these two Saturdays and some extra 18 hole lines on the Thursday.  You may play your 9 hole competition in these Saturday lines. Please note they will be competition lines not casual lines so as previously you may only play either Thursday or Saturday but not both. 

Timesheets open as normal  Tues/Wed/Thurs  30th Nov, 1st Dec & 2nd Dec. 

Thurs 9th           9 & 18 Hole  Men/Ladies                 

Friday 10th        9 Hole Men/Ladies 

Saturday 11th    9 & 18 Hole Men/Ladies 

Sunday 12th      9 Hole Men/Ladies 

This will be repeated for the weekend 16th to 19th December.

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