Date posted: 21st April 2021

Dear All Junior Members & Parents,

In advance of the opening of the 2021 Junior golfing season we are doing a full audit on all Junior Lockers.  We have a total of 24 Junior Lockers and all are currently allocated for 2021.

Should you wish to add your name to the waiting list please let us know by emailing Mags in the office and she will add your name to the waiting list and will be in contact should one come available.  There is a €50 annual charge for a Junior Locker.

Please note, once you move up from the Junior Section your Junior Locker will be no longer available to you – these are allocated to Junior Members only. 
Should you wish, you may request to be added to the Adult Locker Waiting List (Adult Lockers are €100 per annum).

It has come to our attention that some of our Junior Lockers are being occupied by unauthorised members who have secured their belongings into some of the lockers with a padlock, denying access to those who have paid for them.

If this is you.. please remove your belongings by Friday 30th April, otherwise your lock and items will be removed.  They can then be reclaimed from the office for a fee of €50.

If you are an allocated locker member and cannot access your locker please let Mags in the office know.

All Lockers will be labelled with the names of the allocated members so there should be no further confusion.  This will be updated annually.

It is the members’ responsibility to purchase a padlock and secure their locker.  All lockers must be securely locked when not in use.

If your Golf Trolly does not fit in your allocated locker you may place it securely, and lock it, above your own locker.

Killiney Golf Club does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen clubs / trollies / or any items that are not securely locked inside or above their allocated locker.

Only allocated locker members have permission to access to the locker area.

NO Clubs / Trollies / or any other items are to be left in the communal area or surrounding areas. 

Do not block access to any locker.

Please keep this area clean and tidy at all times.