Date posted: 25th May 2021

Paul Flannery & Annette O'Higgins were the leading qualifiers on Sunday with a sparkling 23 points.

The draw is now live on the Clubnet App -- Members -- Club Matchplays
and on
Masterscoreboard -- Knockout Competitions 

18 Hole Straight Foursomes.

Play off tees of the day.

All matches must be played by due dates.  No extensions under any circumstances.
It is the responsibility of all players equally to arrange matches.

Do not give walk overs.  If you cannot play your first round match please inform the mixed committee who will offer your place to the highest non qualifier.

Please use the chart outside the Proshop to obtain your 18 hole Course handicap depending on the course in play.  The pair then add their Course Handicaps together and the pair’s Playing Handicap is 50% of their combined Course Handicap.

Matches to be played off the full difference of the playing handicaps.

Team A combined 46    Playing   23  
Team B combined 37    Playing   18.5  =  19
Shots Received by Team A            4

Play off the Mens Indices using the Matchplay cards located in the Pro Shop.
All matches over 18 holes.

Please text results to Deirdre McDonagh at 086 855 1119.

Final to be played on Finals Day on 19th September.

Brendan Seaver & Vicki Robinson
John Burke & Siobhan May
John & June Green
Gerry Drum & Evelyn Coulson
Enda Allen & Avril Murphy Allen
John Dawson & Emer Kirwan