Date posted: 29th October 2021

Dear Fellow Members,

With the lifting of additional Covid 19 restrictions by the Government and Golf Ireland and the pleather of communications around same, we thought it would be helpful to summarise those restrictions that are still in place in the club to ensure the continued safety of all our members:


All visitors and members attending the club must be double vaccinated, still wear masks while indoors and adhere to the social distancing rules in place.


Flagsticks can be lifted but only one player can handle the flagstick on each hole.
Bunker rakes can be used but again only one player can handle the rake where more than one player is hitting from the bunker.

The terminals can be used but card restrictions will remain in place whereby members agree who their marker is, sign their own card and mark the name of the marker on the card.

Buggies are fully back in use and will be sanitised after each use.

All course furniture, bins and divot bags are back in use. 

Locker rooms and shower facilities

As before, only 6 people can use the locker room at any one time and we ask that members limit their time in the locker room to 15 minutes. Members can now use the showers but limit their showers to 5 minutes.

Vaccination checks

All visitors(unless under the age of 18) will continue to be checked by bar staff to ensure that they are double vaccinated.

Members coming to the club for the 1st time since restrictions have lifted will also be checked.


Music performance, entertainment and events are now allowed in the club house however only on a seated basis with a maximum of 10 adults and up to 5 minors (under 18) at each table.

Members can order food and drinks at the bar (while masked) but must drink and eat while seated. 

We realise that some of these restrictions may feel onerous especially as we run into the festive season but the safety of all our members remains paramount and we continue to ask for your good will and support in adhering to them. 

With kind regards, 
The Covid Committee