Date posted: 12th July 2021

Practice Area
Work has now been completed on the new practice area with the exception of the practice bunker which will be completed at a later stage before opening.  While the practice green and the new chipping green were sodded, the other areas were seeded as it would have been prohibitive cost-wise to sod all areas.  In order to give the seeded areas time to become established, it is likely that the practice area will not be opened until late September.  However, the opening will be dependent on weather conditions in the interim.  While it is appreciated that members and the Club professional are anxious to use the practice area, it would be unwise to open up the area prematurely and risk damage to this much improved facility. 

Sturdy fencing has been erected at various locations around the course to secure the boundaries and prevent unauthorised access onto the course.  A more robust fence is to be erected around the pond as the existing one has been subject to damage on an on-going basis.

Divot Repairs
All Members and guests (including those who choose to carry their golf bags) are obliged to carry divot repair bags and are requested to be vigilant in repairing divots as the volume of play is high and any unrepaired divots can take several weeks to recover.

Divot bags are available from the pro-shop on payment of a €5 deposit.  This deposit will be refunded when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and bags are freely available as before.  While the bags were temporarily out of stock in the pro-shop this has now been addressed.
The sand bag should be topped up at the 1st/10th tee box if playing 18 holes.  Special attention should be given to repairing divots on the Tee Boxes on the Par 3’s to accelerate recovery. 

Gardening Group
A special thank you to Gardening Group under the leadership of Charlie Barry for their dedicated efforts in improving the presentation of the course with the planting of several areas including the flower beds at the left of the 11th tee, at the 3rd tee (both sides), left of the 7th tee, right of the 9th green/shoe cleaning area and at the new putting green.  Great care and attention has been given by the group to the selection of suitable plants for each of the areas.  The other regular members of the group are Karl Ungar, Gordon Horsfield, George O’Connell, Robert Rigby Jones, Miriam McCullagh, Mary Gibson, Deirdre McDonagh and Susan Burke. They get together on Monday and Friday afternoons and would welcome some more volunteers to spread the workload.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Charlie Barry on 087 2557973. 
Many hands make light work.

Pat Walsh  - Course Convenor