Date posted: 20th July 2021

Dear Members,

Our Clubhouse needed an upgrade, and the closure of the Clubhouse provided the club with an opportunity to make this happen.

A great deal of planning and consulting took place to source suitable products and suppliers to meet our expectations.

The feedback from our video in December on the proposed look and feel along with the mood boards that were placed on display was very positive.  The Dining Room, Bar and Reception Area have been refurbished as follows:
 - All Painted
 - New Carpet in Dining Room, Bar, Hallway & Reception Area and Stairs & Landing to Office
 - A Spike Bar
 - New Tables, Chairs, Chandelier Light and Blinds & Curtains in the Bar
 - New Chairs, Lighting & Blinds in the Dining Room
 - New Chairs, Tables and Curtains in the Reception Area

Due to clubhouse closure Outdoor Catering has required additional investment.  As short-term measure we erected a two Gazebos at the front of the Clubhouse and in the coming weeks you will see the addition of a second Large Umbrella at the back of the Veranda Area.  In addition, we have purchased Outdoor Dining Furniture - this will be delivered shortly.

I would like to thank all our members who provided valuable feedback on our proposals.

I would also like to thank Avril Allen for all her invaluable help, commitment and time on what was a very large project and Donn O’Shaughnessy for his assistance and for coming on board the House Committee during this busy time.

We all look forward to returning indoors soon and experiencing our new surroundings.

Gillian Bolton
House Convenor