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Date posted: 13th October 2021

Competition: Tuesday Invitation
Date: 12th October 2021
Donor: N/A

Position Name Playing H/C Club Score
1st: Barry MacManus  05 KGC 23 Pts
2nd: Malcolm Connolly  09 KGC 19 Pts C/B
Visitor Prize: John Moriarty 06  The Grange 17 Pts (C/B)
Back 3: Jim Mountjoy 09 KGC 8 Pts

We had 32 playing in Tuesday Invitation which included 7 guests from the following clubs:-

Old Conna, Ballymoney, Grange, and the Castle.

The first prize was won by Barry MacManus with a fantastic score of 23 points, and Nigel Duke's guest John Moriarty from the Grange won the visitor's prize.

Donn O'Shaughnessy Jnr

Ronan King

Brendan Conway

Men's Tuesday Invitational Four Ball Committee