Course status

Course Open. Buggies are permitted on the course today.


Date posted: 7th October 2021

Course Protocols

Members are reminded of the importance of observing the bell ringing protocol when playing the 8th/17th hole. Please do not drive from this tee until the bell has been sounded by the group ahead.

In addition, golfers who are playing on the 8th fairway should appoint a "look out" and remain at the top of the hill if there is a danger of tee shots being played before it is safe to do so. i.e. have yet to reach the bell

Members playing from the Men’s 13th back tee should be mindful of players on the 7th Green  and only play tee shots when it is safe to do so.

When playing the 6th hole members should designate a "look-out" for walkers on the right of way AND in particular AT the Church Road entrance.



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