Date posted: 15th July 2021

Killiney Vs Delgany - Ladies Intermediate Cup - 11th July

Lordy - the RAIN. The team arrived in Delgany to soft rain . By Tee off this had turned into torrential non stop rain and wind but at least it was not cold!
Our three players in Delgany, Mieke McNamara, Tina Airey and Anne Dawson, donned the waterproofs and teed off first . At the turn Killiney were looking strong - up in all 3 matches . However as we know there is no time for complacency in golf. Mieke strode ahead and finished her game 3 up on the 17th - an away win . Fantastic! Time to check on our Killiney team .

The weather in Killiney was much better - rain YES - but not so heavy but lots of fog! The Killiney players - Roisin Vard & Orla Fitzgerald teed off an hour later than the Delgany time so they were still on the first 9 - Roisin looked comfortable whilst Orla was under pressure at 2 down. Now the games are all looking tight again so a relook at Delgany to see if we can get a second win there.

Tina's game is all Square at 15 . Then a long putt from the opposition put them 1 ahead on 16 . A chip in on 17 from the opposition halved the hole so on they go up the 18 . Tina is very comfortable on the green for 3 while Delgany is still off the green. Then lo and behold she chips the ball beside the hole … Tina needed the putt to go down 19 . The putt balanced on the lip - where was the wind now that we needed it! killiney 1 - Delgany 1.
Anne Dawson is in final position and is 1 up at 15 and heading to the tough par 3 .

Meanwhile back in killiney (fast and furious calls between the team captain and vice captain ) - Roisin had won her game very early (7 Up!)  Killiney 2 - Delgany 1.
Orla reeled in her opposition in true style and is now all Square heading to the 15. Orla takes the lead (always a mistake for any opposition against her) and heads to the 17 .

Meanwhile in Delgany Anne is also playing the 17 and is Dormy 2 come on Killiney . Captain feels that at least one of these will win …

Open phone line to Killiney - Orla closes her match with a great putt on 17 to win 2 up while Anne is putting in Delgany - great putt - a synchronised win.
Killiney 4 wins .

Winning makes up for the most horrendous conditions - all the ladies that played deserved a medal .
We had a super meal back in Killiney - thanks Alan .

BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR SUPPORTERS - President Valerie , Lady Capt. Diane, Lady Vice Irene, Melanie Allen, Cathryn Towlson, Maureen Dent, John Dawson who all braved the conditions in Delgany. Miriam McCullagh for updating the club app in Killiney .
Big Thank you to Anne Kilty - Team captain in Killiney for all her help and indeed answering her phone.
Big thank you to our Super Sub, Jenny Westrup!

Team Captain - Hilary Murray

QUARTER FINAL on JULY 23 - Killiney vs Wicklow.
3 away again!

Tee off in Wicklow @ 12.20 .Tee off in Killiney @ 1pm