Date posted: 14th April 2021

Dear Members, 

We hope you are keeping well and looking forward to a return to Golf on Monday 26th April.  We have never looked forward to a Monday morning as much before.  Here's hoping the weather is as good as it is today. 

Here are some of the more interesting details about how we see the return to golf in the initial stages.

Rounds will be 9 holes only.  Timesheets for the 26th, 27th & 28th of April will open on Wednesday 21st April at 8pm.  Similar to last April, you will be permitted to book ONE game in this three-day period.   As before, if there are spaces available on the morning of play (from 7.30am) you may book a second game.  The second batch of timesheets will open on Sunday 25th April at 8pm and will cover 29th, 30th April & 1st May.  

So what is different from last May? 
This year ONLY TWO HOUSEHOLDS are permitted on any one line.  All members must observe this rule.  This unfortunately will lead to a combination of 2 / 3 & 4 balls on the course, so pace of play if you are in a 4 ball will be extremely important.  This method will allow the most members to get to play in the first week of opening which we believe is the most important factor in opening the course again. 

Two other points of note:
1. We would strongly encourage all Juniors who have family members within the club to play in family groups.  Juniors who do not have family members will have some lines allocated on Wednesday / Saturday afternoon and they should confine themselves to these lines. 

2. There will also be two lines available at 6.50am & 7.00am on Tuesday morning which will be reserved for Full Time Workers.  To play at this time you must be on the time sheet and must check in on the completion of your round in the Pro shop.  Any abuse of this will lead to the withdrawal of the lines. 

The Covid Committee will be in touch separately with a full set of rules on the return to play protocols and we would ask that all members please obey as it is in everybody's interest that the return to golf is handled in an extremely safe manner and no adverse publicity is drawn to golf in general or Killiney in particular. 

We will issue a further update next week which will cover handicap calculation and etiquette and any other issues that may arise during the week. 

So for now, get those clubs out of storage, oil the limbs, practice a few chips in the garden and we look forward to seeing you on the fairways the week after next. 

Captains Brendan & Diane 

Friday's Call & Collect Takeaway 
Last Orders Tomorrow Thursday 15th April by 5pm.  See Menu Below.
Collections on Friday are on the quarter hour between 5pm-7pm.  Early orders are the more likely to get desired time slots.  Wine offers are also available to collect with your food order (see details below).
Please Call Mags on Mobile 087 2235490 (during office hours 9am-1pm / 2pm-5pm either today or tomorrow Thursday 15th April) or email to place your order.

Stay Safe!