Course status

Course Open. Buggies are permitted on the course today.

Date posted: 29th September 2021



Dear Members, 

As many of you will be aware, new thin pins have been installed on all our greens to ensure that the hole is not obstructed by the flag stick.  We believe, that as a result, the majority of golfers will be happy to continue to putt with the pins in.  However, if some golfers have a preference to remove the flag stick, they may now do so but should be mindful of not delaying play. 

The rakes were replaced in the bunkers a couple of weeks ago.  We would kindly ask that these rakes are used.  We have received numerous reports that most of the bunkers have multiple footprints particularly towards the end of the day.  We would ask that all players be considerate of others and please rake the bunkers after they have played their shot.  

Finally, as always, we would like to remind all players that it is mandatory to carry and use a sandbag. 

Kind Regards,
Ladies and Men's Committees. 

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